Export Procedure

We will always strive on making timely delivery of best quality product at most competitive price to attain optimum customer satisfaction. After making an order of any of our product:-– Emails, calls or faxes will be exchanged to specify details on quality, quantity, packing, delivery, payment terms, etc.
– We send a formal letter of offer.
– We exchange visit(s) if necessary, and negotiate to finalize price and payment terms
– We send you a draft contract in agreed terms for your view adjustment and changes is any.
– Buyer will confirm order quantity of goods and then send company details for proforma invoice
– Buyer confirms proforma invoice.
– Buyer releases operative instrument for loading, inland transportation, taxes as well as sea freight charges.
– Seller confirms payment and does shipment shipment within 5 – 7 working days

Delivery period

As for the delivery time, it is 14 – 20 days from our port to any port in your country maximum. For more details please do get in touch with our company so that we can meet up with the demands

We partner with main logistic companies to provide our customer with the most cost effective and timely delivery service. ×
We give our customers the ability to order local grown nuts and spices at the same rate as local market ×
If you want us to package with your design and labelled, REMDETA UAB OEM service is at your service with ultra high quality printing line, we provide you with high quality printing service ×
We are not just an an agricultural company, we are a customer oriented company with customer service at the core of our business. ×