Name Coriander seeds
    Item No. PD-TW-142
    Grade AAA
    Features No speckle, no mould, No sudan red 1,2,3,4. No heavy metal, no pesticide, Hand selected
    Color Natural light yellow
    Dry Type Air Dried
    Admixture 1% max
    Shape whole, broken,crushed, powder(5-65 mash)
    Moisture 14% max
    Certificate ISO22000, ISO9001, HACCP, CIQ, FDA,QS,KOSHER
    Age 2017
    MOQ 50 tons
  • When it comes to fennel seeds benefits, fennel seeds nutritional facts, there is plenty of thoughts to discuss. Let us have a close look over it.
    Fennel seeds India is medicinal herb having many medicinal benefits that makes you overall fit and healthy.
    The fennel seeds are good to treat joint pains, cough, sore throats, and bronchitis and also helps in curing body pain.
    The seeds have pleasant aroma and can be used inside food dishes to give distinct taste and flavor. They can also be used to make pickle


  • REMDETA UAB is a leading lentil or pulse exporter selling all kinds of lentil worldwide. We can match any of your quantity requirements with timely delivery schedule. We export lentil in bulk & bag. Quality product, guaranteed shipment, timely shipment & round the clock connection with our buyers & sources are our speciality. We may be your number one source to meet up your any kind of lentil needs. We work 7 days a week 24 hours a day and 365 days a year to give the best services to our valued customers on demand.

    Lentil is a cousin of the bean, and both are a part of the legume family. All legumes are seeds that grow within pods. Lentils are shaped like a lens. In fact, lens is the Latin word for lentil. The size and appearance of lentils varies depending on the variety. The outer seed coat can be mottled or speckled and ranges in color from reddish-brown to greyish-brown to green. The inner coat, or cotyledon, can be red or yellow. We supply all most all varieties of lentil worldwide.

  • We have gourmet grade, grade A, premium Black vanilla for sale internationally from Madagascar.

    This is simply put the Best Vanilla Money Can Buy.

    Length starts from 14cm but it is possible to adjust and customise your order up to 17cm.

    Vanillin content is: 1.8 – 2.4%

    Moisture content is: 30 – 35%

    The vanilla is harvested, dried, then vacuum packed in bags of 5kg each. It is then packed into boxes that are 25kg each (5 X 5kg vacuum bags per box)

  • Soybean Seed:
    We are leading LITHUANIA processor / manufacturer / exporter / trader / supplier of good quality Organic and Non GMO Soybean Seed from India. Our competence lies in timely delivery of best quality product at most competitive price to attain optimum customer satisfaction.

    Packing Available:

    Bulk in container / Bulk in liner

    100 / 50 / 25 Kg Jute Bag

    50 / 25 / 15 Kg PP Bag

    Customized packing available as per buyer requirement



    PROTEIN              : 39% MINIMUM

    MOISTURE          : 10.0% MAXIMUM

    OIL                         : 18% MINIMUM


    Product Conventional Teff Grain / Eragrostis tef
      Variety Brown
      General Aspect Healthy brown color, tiny and thin
      HS 1207.99.99
      Purity 99.95%
      Moisture 14% Maximum
      Shelf Life 24 Months since production date
      Origin Turkey/Kenya
    Logistics  25 tons per 20fcl
      Packaging 25 Kg (55.11 Lb) Multilayer Kraft paper bag
  • With our long time of experience, we are catering to the varied requirements of our clients by introducing quality grade of LITHUANIA Rice. Our vendors’ professionals make us of advanced techniques to process this rice in adherence with industry norms. Provided rice is widely used for making fried rice, sweet dishes and many other dishes. So as to ensure its quality, this rice is strictly tested on different quality parameters. Furthermore, we provide this rice in various packaging options.


    • Parimal Rice is 1
    • Moisture: 14% 2
    • Crop Year: Current
    • Broken Ratio: 2%
    • Certification: ISO & SGS
    • Thai Rice: 100% pure sortex
    Wheat flour is a powder made from the grinding of wheat used for human consumption. For making Baking Items Bread, Roti, Burger Buns, Rusk, Pasta, Noodles, Pizza base, Cake, Pastries, Biscuits, etc
    Wheat flour is useful in different types as per the flour grades:-

    1. All Purpose Flour:- All-purpose flour includes a happy balance of hard and soft flours. And as the name suggests, it is a type of flour that lets to make a wide variety of baked goods–cookies, cakes, muffins, quick breads, biscuits, and pie crusts–without having to stock up on multiple types of flour.
    2. Bread Flour:-This type of flour is best for baking bread
    3. Pastry Flour: – Pastry flour is medium-protein flour that produces tender pie crusts.
    4. Cake Flour:- This flour is useful for different cakes preparation
    5. Whole Wheat Flour:- This flour is useful for baked goods
    6. Self-Rising Flour:- Self-rising flour is used for quick breads, biscuits, muffins, and pancakes
    7. Bread Machine Flour:- These are high-protein flours

    Health benefits of Wheat Flour:-

    1. Wheat flour is very useful in heart patients
    2. Issues like anemia, mineral deficiencies, gallstones, breast cancer, chronic inflammation, obesity, asthenia, tuberculosis, pregnancy problems and breastfeeding problems are quickly improved by consuming whole wheat.
    3. Wheat is also recommended to treat sterility.
    4. Wheat flour is also useful in treating gastrointestinal conditions, skin diseases, respiratory illnesses, and cardiovascular ailments.
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