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  • In appearance; creamy, light golden kernels
  • In texture; firm and crunchy
  • Intact (for whole kernels only); however, slight superficial damage is not considered as a defect
  • Sound; produce affected by rotting or deterioration such as to make it unfit for human consumption is excluded.
  • Clean; practically free of any visible foreign matter.
  • Whole kernels are sufficiently developed; no shrunken or shrivelled kernels which are extremely flat and wrinkled, or with dehydrated, dried out or tough portions affecting more than 25 per cent of the kernel (per kernel).
  • Free from blemishes, areas of discolouration or spread stains in pronounced contrast with the rest of the kernel/pieces.  For whole kernels this should not affect in aggregate more than 25 per cent of the kernel (per kernel).
  • Well formed.
  • Free from living pests, whatever stage of development.
  • Free from damage caused by pests, including the presence of dead insects and/or mites, their debris or excreta.
  • Free from mould filaments visible to the naked eye.
  • Free from rancidity
  • Free from abnormal external moisture
  • Free of foreign smell and/or taste.
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Style 0 Greater than 20 mm with minimum 95% wholes.
Style 1 16mm to 21mm with minimum 90% wholes
Style 1S 13mm to 17mm minimum 95% wholes
Style 2 Greater than 13mm with minimum 50% wholes
Style 3 Greater than 13mm with minimum 15% wholes
Style 4L Greater than 13mm with minimum 80% halves
Style 4 Pieces and halves larger than 13 mm
Style 4S 9mm to 16mm with minimum 50% halves
Style 5 9mm to 13mm large chips
Style 6 5mm to 9mm chips and pieces
Style 7 Chips and pieces smaller than 5mm

Definition of wholes: Whole kernels are kernels which are not split or separated into halves, with not more than 25% of the kernel missing, provided that the kernel contour is not materially affected.


Primary packaging: Vacuum packed and Nitrogen flushed with residual Oxygen less than 2% in Laminated Foil Pouches (Metpet bags) with the following oxygen and water vapour transmission rates:

Oxygen: maximum 0.1cc/sqm/24 hours  @ 25degC, 50% RH at 1 bar atmosphere pressure

Water vapour: maximum 0.1g/sqm/24 hours @ 25degC, 75% RH at 1 bar atmosphere pressure

Secondary Packaging: 15 mm triple walled carton box, 25lbs (11.34kg).

Physical Qualities

Colour: Uniform natural cream color
 Appearance: Free from surface oil
Flavour and Odour: No off flavours or odours
Reject Defects: Max 1%
Insect Infestation: None
Foreign Material: None
Loose Shell: Max 2 pieces larger than 2 mm per 100 kg.
Impact Shell: Max 1 piece larger than 2 mm per 100 kg.
Kernel Dust: Max 0.2%
Moisture: Max 2%
Peroxide value  < 2 meq/kg
Free Fatty Acid Max 0.5

Microbiological Qualities

Total Plate Count: Max 30 000 cfu/g
Moulds and Yeasts: Max 20 000 cfu/g
Salmonella: Not detected in 250g
Ecoli: Max 10 cfu/g
Coliforms: Max 350 cfu/g
Aflatoxin Total: Max 4 ppb
Aflatoxin B1: Max 2 ppb


Quality Tolerance

Defects allowed  Tolerances allowed
Mould: Kernel showing appearance of mould < 0.3%
Germination: Kernel showing signs of germination <1%
Insect damage: Kernel showing obvious signs of insect damage <1%
Immaturity: Shrunken or shrivelled kernel <1%
Malformed: Misshapen or deformed kernel <1%
Total of the above: The total of these defects must be less than 1% <1%
Discoloration: Any abnormal discoloration of the kernel <6%
Onion ring: brown ring outwardly
Darks: abnormal brown/grey discoloration
Internal discoloration
Impacted shell: Piece of shell >2mm embedded in the kernel Maximum 1 per 100 kg
Total defects: Not to exceed 7% (1% defects + 6 % discoloured) 7%
Size: Kernels not conforming to size indicated 7%

Heavy Metal Tolerances

Cadmium  < 0.05 mg / kg
Mercury < 0.03 mg / kg
Lead < 0.10 mg / kg

Chemical Residues: No residue exceeding EU MRL (Act 03.50.20 – Plant Health)

Additives: No additives allowed

Shelf life: 12 months if kept at <2% moisture in absence of oxygen and excessive heat
24 months if kept below 18 C at <2% moisture in absence of oxygen


Macadamia nuts will cause all symptoms associated with a nut allergy. They contain the potential allergens: glutamic acid, phenylalanine, and the sugars; glucose, sucrose and fructose. There are not traces of peanuts or peanut oil as the pack house packs macadamia nuts exclusively.

Lot/Batch Code Description

Each carton will accurately reflect the product particulars it contains.

The following fields are reflected for traceability purposes:

Class: 1 No further processing required
2 Further processing required
Style: According to Style classification
Cultivar: Distinguish Hybrid from Integrifolia cultivars (HYB/INT)
Batch Code: First digit Indicate Lot Number:
1 Hybrid Lot
2 Integ Lot
3 Premium grade roasted Lot
4 Commercial grade roasted Lot
5 Nut in shell Lot
Digits 2, 3 and 4 Batch number
Digits 5 and 6 Year of packaging
Digits 7 and 8 Month of packaging
Digits 9 and 10 Day of packaging (from which “best before” date can be derived)


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