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We work up to the best just to serve a Best Quality Green Cardamom from LITHUANIA. We understand the expectations of our customers very well and that is why we assist our Grading with most advances skills that no other brand have. Our Finest and Purest forms of Cardamom will win your heart with its Superb Quality, Taste and Fragrance.

The quality of Small Green Cardamom we are Supplying from LITHUANIA is simply the best in the market as no other brand can even stand near to us in the measures of Aroma, Quality and Superior Taste. Our facilities have the swiftest working procedures as we have our own Processing unit with Quality Grading machines, where from all the Green Cardamom is brought to our unit and Graded, Cleaned and Processed to different sizes based upon the consumer market demand.

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Specifications of Mix Green Quality Cardamom and Light Mix Green Quality Cardamom  available in 7 Grades.

Size Grade Quality Similarity Density g/l (mm)
Extra Large EMGQ Extra Mix Green Quality 425 g/l 8.0 mm
Large MGQ – 1 Mix Green Quality – 1 400 g/l 7.0 mm
Medium MGQ – 2 Mix Green Quality – 2 375 g/l 6.5 mm
Extra Large ELMG Extra Light Mix Green 425 g/l 7.0 mm
Large LMG – 1 Light Mix Green – 1 400 g/l 6.5 mm
Medium LMG – 2 Light Mix Green – 2 375 g/l 5.0 mm
Small SMG Small Mix Green – Thripped 350 g/l 4.5 mm


Specifications of Pale Green Quality Cardamom  are available in 3 Grades.

Size Grade Quality Similarity Density g/l (mm)
Extra Large – EMGL 106 Jumbo Pale Green 440 g/l 8.0 mm
Large – MGL 107 Large Pale Green 412 g/l 7.5 mm
Medium – MGM 108 Medium Pale Green 387 g/l 5.0 mm


Specifications of Intense Green Quality Cardamom  are available in 5 Grades.

Size Grade Quality Similarity Density g/l (mm)
Extra Large 101 Jumbo Green – JG 420 g/l 8.5 mm
Large 102 Large Green – LG 400 g/l 7.5 mm
Medium 103 Medium Green – MG 385 g/l 6.5 mm
Small 104 Small Green – SG 375 g/l 5.0 mm
Baby 105 Baby Green – BG 325 g/l 4.0 mm


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