• Raisins are processed by sun drying and tray drying several different types of grapes. They are small and sweetly flavored with a wrinkled texture. Indian Raisins are available in different size and colors. They have a flavor similar to the grapes from which they are made, but the drying process which creates them concentrates the amount of sugar making them taste much sweeter. They are a naturally stable food and resist spoilage due to their low moisture and low pH.

    The only raw material for making raisins is grapes. To make 1 kilo of raisins, over 4 Kg of fresh grapes are required. These grapes must have certain qualities in order to produce quality raisins. For example, they must ripen early and be easy to dry. Additionally, they must have a soft texture, not stick together when stored, have no seeds, and have a pleasing flavor. The most important grapes for raisin production include Thompson Seedless, Sonakka, Rudstalk. Raisin production for selected countries is forecast at almost 1.2 million metric tons (tons), up 100,000 tons from the previous year.

  • Brand: CASHEW NUTS

    The offered cashew nuts are known for their freshness and nutritional value. They are also available in various grades such as white whole grade and scorched whole grade (slightly darkened kernels while roasting). Our cashew nuts are highly acknowledged for their rich protein content and are extensively used in various cuisines. The cashew nuts we supply are completely free from infestation, insect damage and rancidity. We pack the nuts in vacuum packed tins.We export fine quality Cashew Nuts in the global market that are known for their freshness and nutritional value.

    We bring forth the nutritious quality of Cashew Nuts. Our company is considered as a reliable Cashew Nuts Supplier and Exporter in LITHUANIA &abroad. We make sure that the Cashew Nuts that we supply are delivered in properly packaged food-grade material, so that their quality is retained forever. Clients can avail different varieties of Cashew Nuts from us at very reasonable prices.


    With the inherent qualities of potatoes
    Typical of potato, free of other smell
    Powder, Non-caking
    8.0% maximum
    6.0% maximum
    Aerobic Plate Count
    100,000/g maximum
    Mould and Yeast
    500/g maximum
  • We offer refined and crude Sunflower,Soybean,Palm,Corn Oil , Virgin Coconut oil packed into PET bottles or bulk with your brand. We supply directly from the manufacturers.

    With our 8 years of experience, we can meet your needs in:
    – Providing 100% natural and healthy cooking oils and Coconut oil.
    – Competitive price and product value.
    – Long-term Distributor of well-known manufacturers.
    -Abundant experience serving world’s supermarkets, online shops, wholesalers, importers;
    -Working with us, you can lower your cost for premium drinks, as we are direct factory and have the economy of scale;
    -Right reserved attractive bottle shapes;
    -Free samples and supporting promotion;

  • We trade in fresh farm table eggs of various sizes;
    Fresh White and brown eggsColor :: White & Brown
    Size :: Small, Medium, large.extra large
    Weight :: Ranging from 45gms to 60gms.
    Graded according to Clients Specifications

    Shipment Details.

    1. Number of Eggs per Tray = 30
    2. Number of Trays in Carton = 12
    3. Number of Eggs in Carton Box = 360
    4. Number of Carton Box in 40 Feet Container = 1312 cartons
    5. Shipment Mode = By Refer Container
    6. Total Number of Eggs per 40 feet container = 472360

    Wheat flour is a powder made from the grinding of wheat used for human consumption. For making Baking Items Bread, Roti, Burger Buns, Rusk, Pasta, Noodles, Pizza base, Cake, Pastries, Biscuits, etc
    Wheat flour is useful in different types as per the flour grades:-

    1. All Purpose Flour:- All-purpose flour includes a happy balance of hard and soft flours. And as the name suggests, it is a type of flour that lets to make a wide variety of baked goods–cookies, cakes, muffins, quick breads, biscuits, and pie crusts–without having to stock up on multiple types of flour.
    2. Bread Flour:-This type of flour is best for baking bread
    3. Pastry Flour: – Pastry flour is medium-protein flour that produces tender pie crusts.
    4. Cake Flour:- This flour is useful for different cakes preparation
    5. Whole Wheat Flour:- This flour is useful for baked goods
    6. Self-Rising Flour:- Self-rising flour is used for quick breads, biscuits, muffins, and pancakes
    7. Bread Machine Flour:- These are high-protein flours

    Health benefits of Wheat Flour:-

    1. Wheat flour is very useful in heart patients
    2. Issues like anemia, mineral deficiencies, gallstones, breast cancer, chronic inflammation, obesity, asthenia, tuberculosis, pregnancy problems and breastfeeding problems are quickly improved by consuming whole wheat.
    3. Wheat is also recommended to treat sterility.
    4. Wheat flour is also useful in treating gastrointestinal conditions, skin diseases, respiratory illnesses, and cardiovascular ailments.

    We supply a great variety of baby milk products. We pride ourselves of being amongst the most reliable supplies in Europe. We guarantee the originality of our product and provide competitive prices.
    Text: English/Arabic/French/Dutch with the availability of stickers upon request.



    Size 200-220 grains per 100g

    220-240 grains per 100g

    320-360 grains per 100g (local name Baishake)

    Moisture 16.5% (max. )
    Admixture 1% (max. )
    Imperfect Grains 3%(max)
    Packing Details 50kg/PP woven bag
    Capacity 24mt/20′ container
    Productivity 300MT/Month
    Origin Germany
  • 2016” New Crop Fresh Garlic(Red Garlic & White Garlic ) supply all the year round with lowest price
    -export to more than 150 foreign countries such as Netherlands, Dubai, Colombia, Brazil, Canada,
    -The motto of our company is “Quality First, Credit First.”

    Specifications & Details:
    1) Sizes: 4.5 – 5.0cm, 5.0 – 5.5cm, 5.5 – 6.0cm, 6.0 – 6.5cm, 6.5cm and up
    2) Transporting and storing temperature: -3° – 0°C
    3) Supply period: all the year round
    4) Shelf life is long and can be stored for up to 9 months under proper conditions

  • Our Premium range of chestnuts, available in our trademark pink packaging are the result of careful selection of only the best varieties available.In particular, the Premium Range of chestnuts have been chosen for their superior flavour and ease of peeling. Many of the varieties in our premium range are exclusive to Premium Chestnuts LITHUANIA.

  • We export red onions in a variety of sizes. These onions are low in saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium. It is known to lower the risk of heart disease. We procure LITHUANIA Red Onions from well-known agriculturists and framers. The onions are organically cultivated without the use of any harmful pesticides and chemicals. We take 5kg to 50 kg orders. We use mesh and jute bags to pack the onions. Our onions are wholesome, fresh and hygienically packed.

    We are topmost Red Onion Exporters from LITHUANIA. We procure LITHUANIA Red Onion from well-known agriculturists and framers that assure our customers of our authenticity. These onions are uniform in size. Our fresh red onions add rich flavour and texture to any cuisine. The quantity and packing is done as per customer specification.

  • Frozen black tiger shrimps, Frozen vannamei shrimps, Frozen lobster shrimps, frozen pink/ white shrimps, frozen scampi shrimp, frozen squid, frozen octopus, frozen pangasius fillet, frozen basa fish, Frozen Clean Tilapia, Frozen Leather Jacket Fish Whole- Clean, Frozen Hairtail Fish Whole Round, Frozen Grouper

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