Appearance Free flowing deep brown to black parties
    Moisture 6-8%
    Particle Size <20 mesh
    Bulk Desity 0.35-0.40 g/cc
    Flavor/Aroma Little or no aroma
    Extraneous Matter Free from foreign matter unrelated to the natural beans.
    Origin Madagascar
    Packing 25kgs or 50kgs pp bags
    Minimum Order Quantity 24 Metric Tons
    Capacity 2000 tons monthly
  • EN PLUS-A2

    EN plus-A2


    Iteams Specification
    Diameter (mm) 6mm – 8mm
    Ash (%) ≤ 0,7
    Moisture (%) ≤ 10
    Packaging 15 kg,  25 kg, Big Bags (1000 kg)
    Length (mm) 3,15 ≤ L ≤ 40
    The heat of combustion (MJ / kg) ≥ 16,5
    Abrasion / dust (%) ≤ 1
    Hardness (%) ≥ 97,7
    Bulk density (kg/m3) ≥ 600
  • We have gourmet grade, grade A, premium Black vanilla for sale internationally from Madagascar.

    This is simply put the Best Vanilla Money Can Buy.

    Length starts from 14cm but it is possible to adjust and customise your order up to 17cm.

    Vanillin content is: 1.8 – 2.4%

    Moisture content is: 30 – 35%

    The vanilla is harvested, dried, then vacuum packed in bags of 5kg each. It is then packed into boxes that are 25kg each (5 X 5kg vacuum bags per box)

  • Hemp Oil / CBD Oils / Hemp Oil Mixed With 500mg CBD

    Product Name
     Hemp Oil mixed with 500mg CBD
    Customized logo is welcome, packing as your requirement.
    100 picese
      Sample Time  3-7 workdays
    1) Raw material purchase      2) OEM/ODM <Private Label>
    Free Sample
    Yes, but we not in charge of the shipping fee.
      Delivery Time About 20-25 days after deposit confirmed


    Organic raw hemp extract is made from the world’s finest hemp plants containing high amounts of medicinal compounds. The hemp flowers, leaves, and stalks are all CO2 cold extracted to achieve ultimate purity. We then blend this pure extract with organic cold-pressed hemp seed oil for optimal absorption. This full spectrum blend contains all the terpenoids, flavonoids, essential oils and other beneficial components of this potent plant.

    £10.00 £7.00
  • REMDETA UAB is a leading lentil or pulse exporter selling all kinds of lentil worldwide. We can match any of your quantity requirements with timely delivery schedule. We export lentil in bulk & bag. Quality product, guaranteed shipment, timely shipment & round the clock connection with our buyers & sources are our speciality. We may be your number one source to meet up your any kind of lentil needs. We work 7 days a week 24 hours a day and 365 days a year to give the best services to our valued customers on demand.

    Lentil is a cousin of the bean, and both are a part of the legume family. All legumes are seeds that grow within pods. Lentils are shaped like a lens. In fact, lens is the Latin word for lentil. The size and appearance of lentils varies depending on the variety. The outer seed coat can be mottled or speckled and ranges in color from reddish-brown to greyish-brown to green. The inner coat, or cotyledon, can be red or yellow. We supply all most all varieties of lentil worldwide.

  • we sell all types of high grade Dried and Fresh Sea Cucumber. Our sea cucumber is purely sun dried with no moisture, no dirt, no sand, no mud and processed by the finest experts. we have dried sea cucumber types such as white teat fish, curry fish, black teat fish, prickly fish, and lots of others.

  • We are  suppliers of all kinds of frozen chicken cuts .  Our policy is to satisfy our customers and maintain a long-term business relationship. In order to proceed further with any business, we will require a soft Request for Quotation includes your  information .

    We can supply kinds of frozen chicken cuts as seen below.
    1. frozen whole chicken
    2. frozen chicken feet
    3. frozen chicken Paws
    4. frozen chicken breast
    5. frozen chicken thighs
    6. frozen chicken drumstick
    7. frozen chicken leg quatars
    8. frozen chicken wings
    9.Boneeles skinless chicken fillets, and all other chicken parts.

  • Top Quality A Grade LITHUANIA Frozen Pork ,100% health certified,

    Prompt Delivery and Discount us for full product details.
    We have good quality frozen pork parts that we ship worldwide and we sell at a very affordable prices.

    All Grade A.
    – White skin
    – No broken bones 0%
    – Well cleaned and fresh
    – No bruises
    – No black pads or ammonia burns
    – No bad smells
    – No excessive blood or blood stains
    – Moisture content is less than 3%
    – Front and Hind Feet



    Sugar Beet Pulp Cattle Feed

    beet pulp / Sugar Beet Pulp,Granulated Sugar Beet Pulp /Sugar Beet Pulp Cattle Feed

    product type: beet pulp
    use: cattle
    admixture (%): 10
    moisture (%): 12
    grade: a b
    packaging: 20 kg
    place of origin: Virginia/Netherlands
    model number: beet

    Packaging Details:

    50kg white pp woven bags
    500 bags per 40ft container
    25mt per 40ft container


    Product name:Mung Bean Starch
    Moisture:14% max
    Protein:0.5% max
    Ash(Dry Basic):0.3% max



    Packaging Details

    24 x 330ml can
    24 cans per tray
    99 trays per palette

  • Refined Sunflower Oil Specification* Actual Value
    Color Number, Mg Iodine 1-10 1-4
    Acid Value, Mg ≤ 0.60 0.10
    Peroxide Value, ½ O Millimole/Kg ≤ 10 0.5
    Moisture And Volatile Matter, % ≤ 0.10 0.03
    Mass Content Of Phosphoric Matters, % 1 0.15
    Clarity Level ≤ 15 2
    Extraction Oil Flash Point, ºC 234 235
    Fatless Admixtures, % None None
    Mass Content Of Phosphoric Matters, % None None
    Soap, % None None
    Shelf Life 18 Months


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