• We export quality Donkey and other hide from LITHUANIA to the rest of the world. We are your premier source for wet blue, wet white, and wet salted donkey hides.


    • Full substance,
    • 100% machine flayed
    • No ticks, no scratches, no humps
    • Size: 10-20 Sq Ft
    • Weight: 22kgs to 32kg
    • Average weight: 25kgs
    • Selection: 80% A/B, 20% C/D
    • Male 75% / Female 25%
    • impurity: No sand , No dust, No mud ,No foreign object, no fats and no meat
    • Not available: No hair slip problem, No rotten Hides, No fats and meat on the Hides,No mule
    • No Holes, No Cuts, No Reheated,
    • Sand : non and clean from any other dust or mud.



    product name Raw Carpet Wool ,Scoured Sheep carpet Wool
    material 100% wool
    pattern scoured wool
    fineness 30-34
    length 70-130mm
    use carpet,rug,tapestry
    sample Within 1kg for free(shipping costs are borne by the customer’s own)
  • When it comes to fennel seeds benefits, fennel seeds nutritional facts, there is plenty of thoughts to discuss. Let us have a close look over it.
    Fennel seeds India is medicinal herb having many medicinal benefits that makes you overall fit and healthy.
    The fennel seeds are good to treat joint pains, cough, sore throats, and bronchitis and also helps in curing body pain.
    The seeds have pleasant aroma and can be used inside food dishes to give distinct taste and flavor. They can also be used to make pickle


  • Brand: Red Pepper

    Dry red chilli is a condiment that adds pungency and colour to the food. It has certain medicinal and homeopathic properties. We offer red chillies in a uniform shape and size. It is used mostly to temper dishes. The chillies have a sharp flavour. It has antibiotic properties and also acts as a pain killer. It provides relief from lung disease.

    We export 493 Wrinkle Chilli with to the markets of USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Brazil, China, Turkey, Cuba, Denmark, Egypt, France, Spain, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Malaysia, Mexico, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Sri Lanka, France, Bangladesh, Burma, Turkmenistan, Kuwait, United Arabian Emirates, Israel, Bahrain, Georgia, Honduras, Portugal, Sweden, Tunisia, Taiwan, Germany, Romania, Norway, Finland, Denmark




    Brand: Reflex

    Size: A4 (210mm x 297mm)

    Weight: 80gsm

    Quality: Imported 100% Virgin Wood Pulp

    Color: Natural White

    Grade: All purpose Premium Paper

    Sheet in Ream: 500

    Materials: 100% wood pulp


    Technical Specification:-

    Brightness: 102 %( Class A)

    Whiteness: 102-104%,Natural White

    Capability: High Speed Copying 100ppm, Laser

    Surface Roughness TS ml/min: 75-175

    Surface Roughness BS ml/min: 100-200

    Bending Stiffness MD: >110 Mn

    Bending Stiffness CD: >50 Mn

    CIE whiteness: 148-152

    Cobb Test: 27-33 g/m2 27-33

    Thickness: 103-110 um

    Opacity: 95%

    Tensile MD: 6.2 Kg/15mm

    Tensile CD: 2.5 Kg/15 mm

    Moisture: 4.70%


    Key Performance:-

    No jam in photocopy machine

    No double feed

    Stay flat after copying

    Leave no dust in the copy-machine

    Nice appearance-white and clean

    Nice touch-smooth and bulky

    No see through-print both sides


    Best For Use with your:-

    – Photocopier

    – Laser Printer

    – Fax Machine

    – Ink-jet

    – Copier

    – 2 side copying


    Packaging & Delivery:-

    – 500 Sheets per Ream

    – 5 Reams per Box

    – 1560 Boxes per 20ft container (With Pallet)

    – 1600 Boxes Per 20ft container (Without Pallet)

    – 7800 Reams Total in one 20FCL (With Pallet)

    – 8000 Reams Total in one 20FCL (Without Pallet)

  • We are the professional seafood manufacturer in LITHUANIA, and we deal in many kinds of frozen seafood.

     Name of Product Frozen Tuna SkipJack Frozen Bonito Fish
     size   1000+,800-100,500-800,300-500,200-300,200-100,100down
    Processing Way  Frozen on board/sea frozen
      Certification  HCCP,QS
    Packing Polybag for inner packing,Carton for outer packing
    Shelf Life 12 months under -18℃
     G.W.  10.3-10.5KG/CN
     N.W. 10.0kgs/ctn,9.5kgs/ctn,9.0kgs/ctn
    Terms of Payment
    Place of Origin  LITHUANIA
  • Pine Nuts are the edible seeds of certain pines, such as the pinon. The seeds vary in size – are found enclosed in the cone which take 3 to 4 years to mature. The seed are cylindrical in shape and can be up to 2,5 cm in length. One tree can bear about 25 cones, each producing about 100 seeds.The two main kinds are the triangular Chinese pine and the slender Italian Pine nuts.

    Pine nut oil extracted from the edible seeds of several species of pine, has a delicate, nutty taste and is used as a flavoring agent. The oil’s rich flavor makes it a good choice for marinades, for use on vegetables, or in salad dressings. Since pine nut oil has a relatively low smoke point, it is therefore not generally used during cooking.

  • Kronenbourg Beer 1664 Blanc 25cl,33cl & 50cl


    250ml bottles and Cans
    24 bottles per carton
    26 Pallets per 40’FCL
    91 cartons x 24 cans of 250ml per pallet
    2366 cartons per 40 ft. dry container.

    Available in cans and bottle (250ml, 330 ml & 500 ml) .

    Container 20 feets can fully loaded with:
    – 2, 240 cartons x 24 cans and bottle (330 ml)
    – 1, 520 cartons x 24 cans and bottle (500 ml)
    – 1, 010 cartons x 24 bottles (330 ml


    250ml bottles 24 bottles per carton 26 Pallets per 40’FCL 91 cartons x 24 cans of 250ml per pallet 2366 cartons per 40 ft. dry container.

    Kronenbourg 1664 5,0% 24x50cl cans
    Kronenbourg 1664 5,0% 24x33cl btls OWB
    Kronenbourg 1664 5,0% 24x33cl cans



    We supply a great variety of baby milk products. We pride ourselves of being amongst the most reliable supplies in Europe. We guarantee the originality of our product and provide competitive prices.
    Text: English/Arabic/French/Dutch with the availability of stickers upon request.

  • We offer refined and crude Sunflower,Soybean,Palm,Corn Oil , Virgin Coconut oil packed into PET bottles or bulk with your brand. We supply directly from the manufacturers.

    With our 8 years of experience, we can meet your needs in:
    – Providing 100% natural and healthy cooking oils and Coconut oil.
    – Competitive price and product value.
    – Long-term Distributor of well-known manufacturers.
    -Abundant experience serving world’s supermarkets, online shops, wholesalers, importers;
    -Working with us, you can lower your cost for premium drinks, as we are direct factory and have the economy of scale;
    -Right reserved attractive bottle shapes;
    -Free samples and supporting promotion;

  •      Spirulina Powder
    Supplier REMDETA UAB
    Latin Name Spirulian Appearance Fine Powder / Tablet
    Part of Used The whole herb Active Ingredient Protein
    Specification Spirulina Powder / Spirulina Tablet 
    Grade Pharmaceutical&Food&Feed Colour Dark Green
     Item  Specification  Result
    Physical&Chemical Control
     Assay(Protein)  ≥60%  65%
     Sieve Analysis  100% pass 80 mesh  Complies
     Bulk Density   35-55g/100ml  40g/100ml
    Microbiological control  
    Total plate count   ≤10000 CFU/g  Complies
    Yeast & mold   ≤90 CFU/g  Complies
    E.coli   Negative  Complies
    Salmonella   Negative  Complies
    Storage Store in cool & dry place. Keep away from strong light and heat
    Package 1kg/bag & 25kg/drum & customization
    Shelf life Two years under well storage situation



    Product name Adzuki Bean
    Year of production Crop 2017
    Origin Germany
    Size 4.5-5.5mm/5.5mm+
    Moisture 14% max
    Admixture 3% max
    Imperfection 0.5% max
    Packing 25kgs or 50kgs pp bags
    Minimum Order Quantity 24 Metric Tons
    Capacity 2000 tons monthly
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